Itinerary (example)

Dr. Abu Al Nagas example of a 16 day adventure trip - expedition
into the desert, to oases and Gilf Al Kebir:

Day 1: Arriving in Kairo
Day 2: trip to oasis Bahria
Day 3: White desert
Day 4: Oasis Dachla, visiting the old town
Day 5: Journey to Abu Ballas ,
   ( 230 km off Dachla in the desert)
Day 6: Journey to Wadi Wassa, Mudlines
    and Wadi Bacht
Day 7: Crossing the desert to the monument
   for Prince Kamal Ed Din
Day 8: Journey to Wadi Sura
    (Valley of Pictures )in Gilf Kebir
Day 9: Journey to Aqaba Pass
Day 10: Continuing to Wadi Hamra
Day 11: Trip to the Silicon Glass Valley
Day 12 u. 13: Crossing the Great Sand Desert
Day 14: Arriving at the Oasis Siwa
Day 15: Journey from Siwa to Bahria
Day 16: Arriving in Kairo, flight back to Europe

Ruines of 2000 year old clay buildings

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