Tours to egyptian oases

Off the Nile-valley in the west, the country offers a wide range of excellent destinations, like the oases Kharga, Dachla, Farafra, Bahria and Siwa. But even further west in the Great Sand Desert one can find witnesses of an ancient culture. The petroglyphs in Wadi Sura (Valley of Pictures) lead the visitor back into prehistoric times when the desert was still a green and fertile landscape.

Travelling into that region requires acurate knowledge and detailed preparation.
Dr. Abu Al Naga (he is Egyptologist) knows the desert since he was a child. He and his team have a long experience in organising expeditions into the desert, to Uweinat and to Gilf Al Kebir where the most impressing petroglyphs can be found. In addition Abu Al Naga offers tours to the forgotten oases Umm Dabadib, Al Labaha and Ain Amor.
In Umm Dabadib are the ruins of a 2000 year old clay fortress, with fountain shafts which belong to the canalsystem to water the oasis

Driving through the Great Sand Desert

Ruines of 2000 year old clay buildings

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